A non-profit organization in Re-Mind cofounder Jerry Lucido’s native county of Solano, NorthBay Healthcare Foundation was formed in 1954.  The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the NorthBay Healthcare System and its ongoing mission is to provide the community of Solano County with the most compassionate, modern, and skilled medical care available.  By funding the development of new medical technology and services and aiding the expansion of existing programs, the Foundation realizes its goal of helping save the lives of those cared for every year by the doctors, nurses, and auxiliary staff of NorthBay Healthcare System.

The Re-Mind Project and the Foundation have forged a partnership on the platform of the Commitment to Care Initiative:  both organizations are dedicated to increasing awareness of the challenges of mental illness.

The Foundation remains true to its mission statement as it continues to be in touch with the varied mental health needs of the community.  It has been instrumental in helping Re-Mind co-founder Jerry integrate successfully into his community.

Jerry Lucido with Brett Johnson, President of NorthBay Healthcare Foundation at a fundraising event.