Jacoby Shaddix

Jacoby Shaddix, front man for rock group Papa Roach, is a longtime supporter of the Re-Mind Project.  He embodies the mission statement Compassion is Genius because he believes in the best parts of people.  Standing on the world stage, he brings his own lived experience of the challenges of mental illness and is a voice for people who are generally misunderstood.

Jacoby and Papa Roach have a gift for wrapping entertaining music around important concepts.  In the Papa Roach anthem “Born for Greatness,” we are reminded that we all have an opportunity to be our best selves which is another facet of Compassion is Genius.

Jerry is a big fan of hard-driving, life-inhaling Papa Roach.  Jerry and Jacoby have come to know each other well and it’s been a positive experience for Jerry that Jacoby is compassionate toward him.

Jacoby Shaddix with Jerry Lucido