Who We Are

By Ezio Lucido

July 6th, 2017

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You have had quite the journey!  

You’ve already lived so much.  In this lifetime, you’ve gathered a vast pool of experience, contemplated endless inner thoughts, and have arrived at millions of conclusions. Using that beautiful brain of yours, you maintain an evolving perspective all your own. I am thankful to know that you continue to think, search, question and solve.

Are you a caregiver?  Someone battling a diagnosis?  Searching for your identity?  Maybe you are managing the challenges and are in a great place!  

Whoever you are, you have a signature of perception that no one else can duplicate.  Have you ever wished that people could see through your eyes?  Perfectly and in totality?  Ever hoped others could feel what it’s like to be you for a moment?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone else could observe the puzzle of Life in an arrangement only you could put together?

Ironically, our personal life experience is so vivid to us that it is easy to expect others to see the world as we do.  

But, it doesn’t always work that way.

We go to great lengths to have our perspective understood.  We make music, draw diagrams, and comment on Social Media.  We start campfires just to talk around them.  We climb to mountain tops to roar our fiercest echo into eternity.  We even write books, draft blogs like this, or get ourselves elected to office in an effort to share our greatest thoughts.  After all, our signature point of view could save the world someday!

The sharing of opinions happens both everywhere and all of the time.  Prescriptions in different forms add up to our everyday awareness of things.  Sometimes perspectives yell out, “Hey, look at me”  and sometimes they are hidden in plain site.   We hear the ideas.  We speak them out.  We speak them in.  

From our perspectives we shape reality.

It is from our understanding of things that expectations are set of who we are, what we should be doing and sometimes…  Who is valuable and who is not.


I was just a boy when I stumbled on a vision.  This vision.  There was nothing supernatural or particularly special about it.  A combination of things merely presented themselves to me.  My own signature point-of-view came into focus.  I was in a certain place at a certain time.  A witness to what my brother Jerry was enduring when he was just a boy himself.

It was a shock to the system to see his transformation first-hand.


And unforgiving.

The easy thing to do would have been to accept things for what they were.  To lay down and endlessly shuffle the cards life dealt us. To believe what the world was saying… That we are not valuable.

But, Jerry and I have a different plan.

At the very least, we have set out to share our perspectives with others.  We humbly offer our story, and open ourselves up to your perspectives.  There is strength in vulnerability, I feel.  You can only teach love with love.  And thus, we invite all to be part of this delicate but important conversation around Mental Health.  


I was a teenager, 20 years ago when Jerry and I decided to take on the challenge of improving Global Mental Health.  I willingly grabbed this torch, one lit from a burning handle and I have not let go.  We are in a Social Epidemic and Jerry reminds me of the consequences of it everyday.

It’s not an awareness that I can simply turn off.

You see, my brother wants you to know what he knows.  In this way, I am merely a translator… Both a student of everything and an inventor of nothing.  

Venturing into the unknown, I committed long ago to being there for Jerry.  He has done the same for me.  We promise to be there for you also, and Re-Mind is our way of doing so.  

Ironically, the struggle to stay in this commitment has taught me a great deal.  We don’t have a perfect life.  Jerry’s battle is real and daily.  By his side, I share in his pain. We also hear the voice of the People, and we know we have much in common.

We did not decide to launch Re-Mind while life is most convenient.  It is quite the opposite actually and that’s okay.  Re-Mind is needed now, and so… Here we go!  What better time to officially start than when it is most difficult?!  

We want you to have this so we’re giving it all we’ve got.  You deserve our best effort.

I and so many others have felt for a very long time that a new, global approach is needed.  Something that considers everything, not just the things that are temporarily useful to us.  I believe, without compromise, that we can achieve a greater harmony amongst ourselves…. In Mental Health and beyond.

For all of my adult life I have placed this movement first.  Devoting every waking thought I have to the questions that plague us.  My decisions have always considered this cause as the priority.  I don’t have all the answers, but I hope, at least by waving this flag, to demand a higher standard for us.  I am determined to help reduce the barriers that prevent us from treating ourselves and others with greater dignity, respect and understanding.

Isn’t it time for something better?

I think so.

For this, some may see me as an idealist.  But, perhaps history will see our contributions as more practical. After all, the space between an ideal and a reality can be bridged with the knowledge of how to achieve what merely seems impossible.


Many people who have met me through the years have asked me:

“Why are you doing this?  Why do you willingly forego the conveniences that this great society offers?  Opportunities to live freer and without such a burden as the question of Mental Health?”

“Do you, Ezio, really think you can and should help those that quite possibly have ruined their own lives?”


I do.

To me, more harm is done with the total prescription of “who people are” than anything else.  

It is time to change the paradigm.  I say, let’s dig deep, and search until we can search no more for the reasons why things are the way they are.  I, for one, will relentlessly pursue my opportunities to see how I may help others unconditionally and give the benefit-of-the-doubt as often as is possible.  As a society we can achieve better, but we need to earn it.  We need to make it so.

I believe it is this very commitment to help those we understand the least that is most revealing of where we are as a People.  An ideal that I feel should become the standard.

For this reason and many others, to me, the mind is Humanity’s most critical frontier.  From my humble point-of-view, mental clarity is perhaps the most significant challenge of our time.  A struggle so incredible that it will take a Grand Idea to take a collective step forward.  Maybe then though, with greater harmony – we can dedicate the global computing power of our beautiful minds to more effectively face the challenges of climate, war, hunger…  And any other problem that relies on the clarity of our decision making engine.

It’s won’t be easy.  

But we will do it together.

Stay resilient.  Stay the course.  Contribute your personal triumph to this movement and we will build a future greater than ever seemed possible.

On that note, Jerry just walked in to remind me, “We’re gonna make the most of it!”

So, at least from one man’s perspective…

… That’s who we are.

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